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Pins and Bushings

Alternative for earth moving machines

Pins and bushings are very important parts for a good functioning of the joints of arms and buckets of excavators and earth moving machines.

When these pieces wear out after a long usage or because of bad lubrication, you can see a worsening in both the performance and the quality of work. This could even cause a damage to the function of the arm and of the machine.

We have over 5.000 types of bushings and 2.000 pins on stock. Our spare parts are suitable for Komatsu, Caterpillar, JCB, Volvo, Yanmar, Kubota, Takeuchi, Hitachi machines (small or big ones,) to only mention a few.


Our pins have a diameter from ø16mm up to ø130mm, and are made of steel 42CrMo4 (with a 58-62 HRC up to 5mm induction hardening.) These are long-lasting and high-performance products.

We also have pins deriving from phosphate coating as well as from galvanisation. Here are some types of them: dowel holes, grease holes, extractor holes, seeger, central undercuts, edges, flanges (collars,) millings and threads.

We can manufacture custom pins quickly and, in any amount, (even a single one!) All you need to do is show us a drawing or a sample.


We have different kinds of bushings on stock: hardened steel bushings, outer and inner tension bushings, bronze bushings, sliding bushings, bimetallic bushings and plastic bushings.

Our bushings are quite peculiar and versatile, thus they are suitable for earth moving machines, agricultural machines (harrows, ploughs, backhoes,) drilling rigs, and other equipment such as polyp grabs, buckets and log grabs.

Each bushing comes in different types and sizes: from a ø16mm up to over ø250mm.

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